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    Recording & Voiceovers

  • Recording:

  • As a Tonmeister, recording is Tom’s specialty, give him a microphone and a sound source and he can get the best sound possible at source. Tom has experience recording symphony orchestras, choirs, big bands, rock bands, acoustic acts, etc. and even an orchestra made of vegetables.

    Blackhill Studios’ recording room is acoustically treated to create a very tight  sound that can then be effected to be as small or as big as possible to suit different genres and needs. It also creates a very articulate vocal room allowing microphones to shine and bring clarity to a lead vocal without the usual claustrophobic feeling and boxy sound of a smaller booth.

  • So If you are working on your own songs and productions from home but need to record a professional sounding drum kit, or are struggling to achieve a professional sounding vocal just get in touch and we're here to help for those tricky areas, this is a good option for those looking to lower the cost of studio time on a large project.

  • Voiceovers:

  • Tom has recorded Voiceovers for a number of BBC documentaries with well-known TV personalities as well as doing regular work for local and London based production companies. The Live room is well suited for this kind of work with a HDMI feed through to the booth so the Voiceover artist can have a HD screen in front of them, also the live room is less claustrophobic than a usual booth for recording in and doesn't suffer from the common boxy sound of smaller booths delivering great articulate results. 

  • Companies & Personalities we have worked with:

  • "We have worked with Blackhill Studios many times for recording voice-overs for our clients' training videos. Every time we record here we are given a high quality, flexible and affordable service. We receive the recordings very promptly after the session and they are always incredibly high quality. I would recommend Tom every time." - Rowan Johnson (Managing Director Southpoint Films)