• Live Room

  • Our custom built live room is acoustically treated to create a very tight drum sound that can then be effected to be as small or as big as possible to suit different genres. It also creates a very articulate vocal room, allowing microphones to shine and bring clarity to a lead vocal without the usual claustrophobic feeling and boxy sound of smaller booths.

    We have a wide range of Industry standard microphones from Shure, Lewitt, Avantone, Rode etc and with Toms Tonmeister training in this incredibly treated room its hard to make a bad sounding recording. 

    Below you can find a list of our current inventory of microphones:

    1 x Lewitt Audio DTP 640 Rex
    3 x Lewitt Audio DTP 340 TT's
    2 x Lewitt Audio LCT 340's (With optional Omnidirectional capsules.)
    1 x Lewitt Audio MTP 440 DM
    1 x BLUE Bluebird 
    1 x Avantone CV12
    2 x Shure SM57 (1 Standard, 1 modified)  
    1 x Shure SM7B
    2 x T.Bone Microphones RM700
    1 x SE Electronics V7