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  • At Blackhill Studios we always try to help artists with creative direction, songwriting and understanding the modern industry. Some early guidance in this can go a long way. We always offer a longer pre-production session to anyone planning a larger project (3-5 track EP or album) to help make sure a plan is in place for the launch, offer ideas for funding, and to talk about potential people to get in touch with. This all just helps make sure the ball is rolling early on and makes sure the project is a complete success.

    You can watch the video below to here how Morgan and Stu from the band Lost of Stolen benefited from the advice given to them at Blackhill.

  • Our artist development program at the moment is currently offered to artists we believe we can help who show great potential but aren't currently at a point where it would be appropriate for management, we help them understand the industry better, advise them on social media & marketing and give them contacts that can help them progress further. We also help them understand the business and plan their career progression.

    We are currently putting together a series of articles on our blog aimed to help musicians gain a better understanding of the industry, with the most recent articles listed below:

    How you can get more Shows and Press using an EPK.

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  • Production Tuition:

  • Many people want to get into the world of recording and some people want to polish their skills up. Learning production isn't that different from any instrument, so shouldn't be treated any differently. Some people learn better in class groups but a number of people prefer learning one on one with tailored lessons, which we are able to offer in a working studio environment. Tuition is given by Tom Gibson a Tonmeister graduate with a decade of industry experience, teaching qualifications and a number of years lecturing at BTEC, degree and privately. This allows Tom to give tailored lessons with a wealth of experience, both as a teacher and a producer.

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