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  • Mixing
  • Mixing:

  • When it comes to mixing, the possibilities are endless. We can take stems from any past or present session, even from another studio, and use our experience, ears and equipment to get the best possible mix from your tracks. The huge explosion of home recording has meant that many musicians try to do as much as they can themselves, but often end up frustrated with the results because they simply don’t have the professional tools, monitor speakers, balanced acoustics or experienced ears needed to get that high-quality finished product. Sound familiar? That may be the point to hand it over to a professional engineer to take your recorded stems and balance out the mix adding a level of polish and sheen to your creation.

    Mitch Wiseman, an electronic music producer and composer, brought his stems to Blackhill for mixing after not being satisfied with his own mix. You can find out his thoughts below:

  • Upload your stems now to get a quote!

  • If you are interesting in our online mixing service, you can upload your stems at our we transfer link below. Please make sure all files submitted are .wav minimum 24bit 44.1kHz and are clearly labelled with all tracks starting from bar 1.

  • Mastering
  • Mastering:

  • Mastering requires an incredibly high degree of expertise in order to coax the best sound possible out of the mixes that have already been done, adding clarity and volume while retaining dynamics, emotion and power is becoming a lost and misunderstood art with many online services not cutting the mustard. It will help your track feel at home when played on the radio or on your iPod and further improve the quality of the mix and help bring out the emotion. Although commonly overlooked it is very rare a commercial release doesn't see an external mastering engineer (even many albums that are publicised as self-produced have this step done by a professional) it really can make all the difference.

  • Online
  • Online Services:

  • We are able to provide completely remote mixing and mastering services now, after discussing the project and sending over your stems via Wetransfer, we will do some Tidying and preparation of the project and then call you via skype and give you a link. You will then be able to listen to high-quality audio straight from our studio anywhere in the world, listening on your favourite speakers or headphones live as we talk about the mix and changes can be made there and then, speeding up the mix and taking your input into account instantly.  

  • Little
  • The Little Things:

  • We also take pride in the small details that can make a big difference, providing CD duplication companies, listing your metadata on the Gracenote database, sorting metadata on a mp3 file for songwriters/promo, helping with IRSC registration and creating specific 'iTunes masters' the list is endless. To sum up: we can take your project from you in a variety of formats and return a final master ready for all formats.

  • Price
  • Prices:

  • Prices for mixing and mastering vary depending on number of songs, how many tracks, track length and sometimes genre but we always place ourselves competitively within the UK professional industry and offer discounts for packages, please get in touch for a quick quote.