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    Recording Studio Southampton

    Designed to be an intimate and creative space for artists, songwriters and bands, Blackhill Studio is hidden away in the centre of Southampton. Our aim was for you to be at ease and feel comfortable in our relaxed and professional recording studio as soon as you walk through the door.

    Whether you’re arriving for a recording session, a mixing or mastering project, or a songwriting / production session it's bound to get you feeling creative and excited as to what can really be produced at Blackhill Studios.

    Our recording studio is full of both modern and vintage studio equipment to create the best quality Demos, EPs and Albums possible. So rest assured when you leave Blackhill your music will be sounding radio ready and you’ll be so excited to share it with your friends and family.

    When you come to Southampton it's hard not to feel inspired by the massive range of arts and culture going on in the city. Anyone coming from afar to visit will benefit from everything Southampton has to offer from its historic docks, large shopping centre, beautiful parks and its many diverse music venues. Southampton’s fantastic transport links make our recording studio really accessible, wherever you are coming from.

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    Independent Venue Week: 29th Jan - 4th Feb

    Independent Venue Week is coming up towards the end of the month and it celebrates small music venues across the country. It's a nod to all the people who run and maintain venues that form the backbone of the live music scene. Without them, new or up and coming talent wouldn't be able to establish and grow their fan bases, so they can get to the next step of their careers. Running from the 29th ...

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  • Tom Gibson - Blackhill Founder

    Recording Studio Southampton

    Run and managed by Tom Gibson. You should feel safe in the knowledge that your work is being dealt with by one of the most qualified producers in the country. Tom studied on the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey which is one of the most highly regarded degrees in the world. He now has over a decade of experience in the music industry and in that time has worked with a number of top artists and engineers at a number of world-class studios. After growing up in Southampton, Tom wanted to bring this knowledge back to create something Southampton's music scene was lacking, a professional recording studio with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that enables artists to create their best work. 

    Tom has also spent the last four years in artist development. Not just helping 'up and coming' artists and bands find and hone their sound when they get in the recording studio, but advising new artists on the industry and answering many questions that new artists stumble over like - how to be an independent artist, where best to put your music, what things to look for from publishers and distributors, what managers are looking for etc. All invaluable advice to an up and coming artist.