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    Production & Songwriting

  • Production & Songwriting:

  • Here at Blackhill we really try to focus on the song, therefore it isn't all about the engineering, you will always get an experienced songwriter, producer and musician by your side in a session. We have also spent a lot of time trying to make the studio a relaxing homely environment, where you can be creative.

    We're happy to work with you at any stage of the creative process whether you have a concept for a song, some lyrical ideas, a hooky melody line, a riff, or a full production pictured in your mind. As someone who has lectured in production and songwriting at a range of levels, for a number of years Tom has helped many people write and produce their first songs and helped bring them to life. 

    For more experienced songwriters and bands having a producer with this experience to bounce ideas off and give an impartial ear can be incredibly useful. I always offer a chance prior to the session to have a little pre-production time as this can be invaluable and saves time on the day. Whether we do this by email back and forth after being sent a rough demo, by Skype or in person at the studio for a coffee.

    The studio is set up in a way that for singer-songwriters is ideal, with our modern equipment we can quickly build an idea in a day from a concept to a fully fleshed out production. 

  • Commissioned Compositions:

  • We have in the past written one-off songs for special occasions, created custom tracks for DJs and composed custom music for promotional videos and film. If you need something unique composed please get in touch.