• Recording Studio Southampton Hampshire Songwriting

    Control Room

  • The Control Room was designed to be a comfortable relaxing room to put songwriters at ease. The equipment in there is industry standard, kept up to date and maintained. This allows us to work in a fluid way to create tracks, without issues or getting in the way of the creative process. 

  • Hardware
    Mac Pro 2013 (bin)
    IMac 27"
    Mackie HR824s Mk1
    Equator D5s
    AKG 701
    Claret 8prex
    Focusrite Liquid Channel
    Audient ASP800
    UA Apollo Twin
    Mackie Big Knob
    Roland SH101
    Roland JX3P
    Roland Juno-106
    Roland Organ/Strings 09
    Akai MPKmini
    Arturia Keylab 61
    Studiologic SL880 Fatar
    Kawai weighted 88 key electric piano
    Revox 2 track mastering tape machine
    Fostex 8 track tape machine
    Dynachord Echocord mini tape delay
    Maschine Mikro
    Icon Platform M & D
    Presonus Faderport
    Vox AC50
    Egnater Tweaker
    Orange Micro Terror
    16 additional mic pres
    4 independent headphone feeds
  • Software
    Logic ProX
    Pro Tools
    Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10
    Spectrasonics Omnisphere
    Addictive Drums 2
    Addictive Keys
    Arturia V collection
    Amplitude 4 (Fender-Mesa-ENGL-Soldano packs)
    Soundtoys complete bundle
    Slate digital collection
    Waves (large assortment including SSL 4K)
    Melodyne Studio
    Antares Autotune
    Metric Halo channel strip
    SKnote Disto
    Nicky Romero Kickstart
    Valhalla DSP reverbs
    Kush Plugins
  • Guitars
    Paul Reed Smith Reclaimed Limited S2 Vela Semi Hollow.
    Gibson “Zoot Suit” SG
    Gibson Trini Lopez.
    Fender Stratocaster
    Fender Starcaster
    Parker P36.
    Ozark 2222 Flatback Bouzouki.
    Custom Super Stratocaster
    High Strung Acoustic.
    LYS L18 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar.
    Ibanez/CSL Prototype Bass Guitar.
    Squire Jaguar Bass Guitar
    Warmoth Telecaster (Available on Request)
    Ibanez RG (Available on Request)
    Fender Telecaster (Available on Request)
    For more information on our range of guitars click here:
  • Many of our guitars have been modified, to find out individual specifications click here:

  • Pedals
    Alter Ego Vintage Echo
    Boss Super Phaser PH2
    Boss Chorus CE2
    Boss BD2 Blues Driver
    Digitech Whammy II
    Dunlop Fuzzface
    Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
    Dunlop Volume Expression Pedal
    Electro Harmonix Micro Pog
    Earthquaker Devices Palisades
    Earthquaker Devices Hoof
    El Nano Neo Clone
    Ibanez LF7 Lo Fi
    Love Pedal Pickle Vibe
    Mooer Ana Echo
    MXR Flanger La Machine
    MXR KFK Ten band EQ
    Pigtronix Philosophers Tone
    TC Electronics Polytuner
    TC Electronics Polytuner Noir