• PICK OF THE WEEK: The Lounge Kittens | Grant Sharkey @ Southampton Engine Rooms 30th March 2019.

    25th March 2019
  • PICK OF THE WEEK: The Lounge Kittens | Grant Sharkey @ Southampton Engine Rooms 30th March 2019.

    The Lounge Kittens

    These rock chicks in disguise, Jenny, Timia and Zan are already making their way up and down the country touring with Grant Sharkey, following their newest album release, ‘Have Another…’, featuring popular songs, all in 3 part harmony. They have been working closely with Blackhill’s close friend, Olli Daffan, a long time Southampton bassed engineer now working in Brighton.

    The trio has received praise from some of the world’s most renowned musicians such as Francis Rossi of Status Quo, Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Micheal Starr from Steel Panther who said “TLK are the most amazing group of singers. Funny, talented and sexy. I think one day, we will be opening for them.” Not to be missed when the girls hit their hometown, Southampton at The Engine Rooms this Saturday! (Ticket link below)

    Listen to their version of ‘Gold Dust’ by DJ Fresh below:



    Grant Sharkey

    The Southampton based, hardworking, outspoken and hilarious solo artist is 6 years deep into his 20 year project to release an album every 6 months; all the way through to 2033. The releases fall on May 1st and November 5th of every year. Grants next release, Man School launching at the Art House in Southampton on May 1st of course… 

    I caught up with grant before the Exeter show so see how the tour so far had been for himself and The Lounge Kittens.

    GRANT: The first two shows have been awesome. I love walking on stage in front of a Lounge Kittens audience, they’re such an interesting mixture of metalheads, choir singers and anyone else they’ve picked up along the way. Always fun and the room is full of love, laughing and singing along. Brighton, we had first night anxiety about new material/audiences but that was gone by the end of the first song. Southend was more emotional than expected. Both were the perfect start to a long tour – we’re pumped.

    Listen to my favorite song of Grants ‘Spoons’ below: