• *PICK OF THE WEEK: Penny Jayne Black & The Four Shots | Peter Donegan @ The 1865, 30th September 2018*

    25th September 2018
  •  Pick of the Week:


    Penny Jayne Black & The Four Shots Peter Donegan @ The 1865!

    30th September 2018



    Penny Jayne Black & The Four Shots

    Penny Jayne Black is a singer/songwriter originally from West Sussex, but now lives in Hampshire. Writing songs from a very young age, Penny has continued to fuel her passion for music by working at EMI Records, taking extended trips to California and immersing herself in country music and recording a full-length album in Nashville.

    Penny’s latest single ‘I’m Fine’ peaked at No.15 in the UK Country iTunes Chart & No.2 in the Belgium Country iTunes Chart. Give it a listen below:


    Peter Donegan


    Peter Donegan is a singer/songwriter born in London, but raised in America. The son of Lonnie Donegan AKA the ‘King of Skiffle’, he considers himself a true British-American hybrid due to his pure love for country music. Although Peter has been performing since the age of 5, he only picked up an acoustic guitar after his father passed away in 2002.

    Listen to the title track from his 2017 EP ‘Superman’ below: