• PICK OF THE WEEK: Crown the Empire | Volumes | Coldrain @ Talking Heads, 19th September 2018

    17th September 2018


    Pick of the Week:


    Crown the Empire + Volumes Coldrain @ Talking Heads!




    Crown the Empire


    CTE SqCrown the Empire is a metalcore/electronicore band from Dallas, Texas. Formerly a 7-piece, the group have now slimmed down to a quartet but still deliver the same super-intense sound. Now composed of Andy Leo (Vocals), Brandon Hoover (Guitar), Hayden Tree (Bass) and Brent Taddie (Drums), they take on the Talking Heads as the second date of their Fall 2018 European Tour.

    Listen to their newest single “20/20” below:




    Metalcore unit, Volumes, were early practitioners of the djent scene. Coming from Los Angeles, California, they consist of members Gus Farias (Vocals), Myke Terry (Vocals), Diego Farias (Guitar/Keys), Raad Soudani (Bass) and Nick Ursich (Drums). Last year’s album “Different Animals” featured previous single “Feels Good” that has racked up over 6 million streams on Spotify.

    Listen to said single, “Feels Good”, below:




    CRSqColdrain have already conquered Japan with their first 2 albums “Final Destination” and “The Enemy Inside” but currently has its sights set on the rest of the world. Having set out 2 albums internationally since (with the exclusion of VENA II), the group have secured a solid 105k monthly listeners on Spotify.

    Listen to “FEED THE FIRE” below: