• Pick of the Week: Her’s | Pizzagirl | Goo Lagoon @ Heartbreakers 10th May

    9th May 2018
  • Feature of the Week: Her's + Pizzagirl + Goo Lagoon

    For fans of: Vansire | RICEWINE | CASTLEBEAT | Vampire Weekend | Childish Gambino

    Welcome to Pick of the Week, a recurring blog segment that gives you our recommendations from the gig guide on whats on this week. This week its Her's show at Heartbreakers with support from Pizzagirl and Goo Lagoon.

  • Her's are a Jangle Pop/ Dream Pop Duo formed in Liverpool by Stephen Fizpatrick and Audun Laading. Consisting of vocals and guitar, bass and a good old drum machine, two of their releases 'What Once Was', and, 'Dorothy', has amassed 70,000 plays between them and been praised by just about everyone that has heard them.

    From festival appearances at Green Man Festival, and headline shows in the city they are based, Liverpool. Her's are not like any other dream-pop outfit out there in at the moment in both stature and style.

    Check out "What Once Was" below:

  • Not a girl, nor have any affiliations with Pizza, Pizzagirl's music ranges from quirky, ironic, 80s informercial-esque pop to darker and more introspective, European influenced electronica.

    Pizzagirl, or Liam Brown to give his citizen name, crafts light-hearted emotional vignettes equal parts American East-Coast sad-indie, and gloomy British wit, all delivered fresh from his Aintree bedroom.

    Check out "Favourite Song" below:

  • Goo Lagoon is the home record project of Fox Rawding, an 18 year old from the Isle of Wight. He released his self titled EP "Goo Lagoon" last year in april and has had numerous support slots for artists such as Freazy and Sleepwell. For larger live shows he performs with a backing band.

    For a link to his bandcamp page click here: