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    Designed to be an intimate and creative space for artists, songwriters and bands, Blackhill Studios is hidden away in the centre of Southampton. Our aim is for you to be at ease and feel comfortable in a relaxed and professional recording studio as soon as you walk through the door.

    Whether you’re arriving for a recording session, a mixing or mastering project, or a songwriting / production session it's bound to get you feeling creative and excited as to what can really be produced at Blackhill Studios.

    Our recording studio is full of both modern and vintage studio equipment to create the best quality Demos, EPs and Albums possible. So, rest assured when you leave Blackhill your music will be sounding radio-ready and you’ll be excited to share it with everyone.

  • When you come to Southampton it's hard not to feel inspired by the range of arts and culture going on in the City. Anyone coming from afar to visit will benefit from everything Southampton has to offer, from its ancient city walls, large shopping centre, beautiful parks and its diverse music venues. Southampton’s fantastic transport links make our recording studio really accessible, wherever you are coming from. 

    Southampton has a great music scene, which Blackhill is at the heart of. We run networking events and bring people together in the City from all areas of the music industry. We have strong ties with universities and colleges in the area, working with a number of up and coming student bands and giving guest lectures. Southampton has a rich history of music with artists like Craig David, Artful Dodger, Band of Skulls, Birdy, Foor, Foxes and Aqualung hailing from the area; Tom has been fortunate to work with a number of them but is always looking for the next big thing. 

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  • Tom Gibson - Blackhill Founder

  • Recording Studio Southampton

    Run and managed by Tom Gibson. You should feel safe in the knowledge that your work is being dealt with by one of the most qualified producers in the country. Tom is a graduate of the University of Surrey's Tonmeister course, which is one of the most highly regarded degrees in the world.

    He has over a decade of experience in the music industry and is now a mentor for The Songwriting Academy. Over the years Tom has worked with a number of top artists and engineers in world-class studios, but growing up in Southampton, he wanted to bring this knowledge back. In Blackhill, Tom created something Southampton's music scene was lacking; a professional recording studio with a comfortable relaxing atmosphere which gives honest, independent industry advice and enables artists to create their best work.  

  • Tom has also spent the last six years developing and helping local artists and bands. Not only guiding musicians to find and hone their sound, but advising you on the industry and answering many questions tha new artists stumble over, such as: how to market and distribute your music, how to get gigs, where to find funding, putting together a press pack and tech spec, what things to look for from publishers and distributors, what managers are looking for, etc.  

  • Why choose Blackhill Studios?

    Designed to be a hub for local musicians, we are proud of not only producing great music, but helping musicians promote their songs in the best way for them. Our clients benefit from our local connections across the creative industries in the city, and love the work we do.

    Dont believe us? See what our clients have to say.

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    Record a single in a full day session at Blackhill Studios and receive a FREE vinyl from Lathe to the Grave!

    There's something about owning a piece of physical music, be it CD, Cassette or Vinyl, that feels pleasing and nostalgic. In my case, I love going out to record stores on the hunt for my favourite albums. It might be easier to jump onto Spotify and find any song ever, but you'll never have the feeling of owning that music - having that physical connection. Because of this, we've partnered up with...

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