• Record a single in a full day session at Blackhill Studios and receive a FREE vinyl from Lathe to the Grave!

    27th September 2018

    There’s something about owning a piece of physical music, be it CD, Cassette or Vinyl, that feels pleasing and nostalgic. In my case, I love going out to record stores on the hunt for my favourite albums. It might be easier to jump onto Spotify and find any song ever, but you’ll never have the feeling of owning that music – having that physical connection.

    Because of this, we’ve partnered up with Lathe to the Grave to give you a FREE Vinyl when you record a single in a full day session at Blackhill Studios. Your record will come in the form of a 4-5 minute, 7”, 2mm, single-sided black disc with a paper sleeve.

    At Lathe to the Grave, records are lathed rather than pressed – meaning there is no minimum order, which is perfect for merch stalls and PledgeMusic campaigns. In addition to this, every disc cut is listened to in full as it is made, ensuring there are no mistakes.

    It is essential that your single is mastered by someone who understands mastering for Vinyl, like Tom. It is a specialised and dying skill that, with the continuing rise in vinyl sales, is in demand.

    To book in your session today you can get in touch now and if you love your vinyl (which you will) make sure to get in touch with Lathe to the Grave and order more copies at – www.lathetothegrave.com

    To learn a bit more about Blackhill check out this short video


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